Monday, July 30, 2012


We celebrated Poppie's birthday by going fishing.
This was your first "real" endeavor, though we did
mess around a bit with a Spongebob pole last year.
(No luck with that one.)

You caught seven tiny bluegills.
You say now that you caught eight...
and I suppose the exaggeration makes you
an official fisherman.

This was a milestone day.
I recall catching my first fish-
Poppie was right there for that too-
 and feel a sense of magic in
the coming around to a full circle.

We'll do that many times,
just as we already have in some arenas...
each rotation of the sun bringing with it
a freshly closed circuit of first-times
and fresh adventures.

I hope you always love to fish...
That you enjoy the simple things.
 I wish you the ability to find pleasure in the stillness,
an appreciation for nature,
and the preeminence for tradition.

Stay hooked, little boy.
Thank you for letting me grow up all over again.

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