Friday, December 2, 2011

You and the Old Man

Dear Mason,

Chances are,
by the time you are old enough to understand
how much this moment meant to your great-grandfather,
he won't be here to tell you.

You made his day perfect,
just by swinging.

Thanksgiving at the family farm in Virgina
was bittersweet this year,
as they may well all be from now on-
changes are here and will continue to come.

But you bring a light with you wherever you go,
and we see it reflected often in the Old Man's eyes.
He loves you dearly,
calls you his buddy,
and a cotton-pickin' mess.

Thanks for being you, little boy.
A lot of joy in a small package.
Happy Thanksgiving.



  1. Such wonderful memories. Love, Love, LOVE this!

  2. beautiful and so so very precious

    Love and Light

  3. I was admiring your jewelry when I happened along this blog. Just beautiful. The post about drawing the balloons choked me up, and made me smile. What a sweet boy!

  4. Thank you everyone. Thank you, Amy. ;)