Wednesday, May 4, 2011

You Drew Balloons

I'm late posting this-
it's repetitive in terms of the footage,
but I was blown away.

Three nights into your fourth year.
The third night sleeping in your new "big boy" bed.

I had taken your birthday balloons
and pinned them to the ceiling above you.
It seemed like it might be fun for you to look up at them,
blowing in the fan's path, while you fell asleep.

At some point between the time I put you down
and the time I went back up to check on you,
you had decided to draw them.
Had moved your drawing table to your bedside,
had sketched them in red marker,
and had gone to sleep.

You even capped your marker when you were finished.
You amaze me.


  1. What a beautiful story. I think this is the greatest idea you are creating for him. What a memory book he will have to enjoy. You are a wonderful Mom and don't ever forget it;o)


  2. thinking of you

    love and light