Monday, February 14, 2011

Monkey on the Radio

We called your Poppie today while he was on the air.
We wished him a Happy Valentine's Day.
You say "Valemtimes."

When you heard the playback come through our stereo,
you laughed and laughed.
A huge smile.
You like hearing yourself talk, you do.
I wonder if you'll grow up and be a DJ.
And I hope you'll never learn to correctly say "Valentine's."
I think I'd miss it.


  1. Jess that was so, so cute! I will forever think "Valemtimes" Day now, and know that every time I see PVC pipe it was exactly what Mason was looking for - absolutely priceless!

  2. Jessie - That may have been the cutest thing ever on radio. Thanks for sharing, it made the whole family smile this Valemtime's Day.


  3. Jess....that was so cute....he was a huge hit! along with his sidekick Mommy~ Oh and Happy Valentime's Day too!

  4. Really enjoyed this. So cute! This blog is such a wonderful gift to your son! I love the little voices young kids have and their fun pronounciations. xo

  5. LOL

    so so very very cool Jess!
    big smiles over here!

    love and light