Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Logic and Sense

You worry about leaving your water gun out in the rain.
And instead of telling me your nose is stopped up,
you say it's plugged in.

You won't eat supper if I call it "supper."
You'll eat it if I call it a "snack."

You get quite upset if I call your oranges what they really are
and you'd live in your yellow rain boots if I let you.

You're adorable.
Frustrating in a way that makes me a more patient person.
I miss you terribly when you're away
and even when you sleep.
And then there are times when I tell your father that you're his son.

The truth is that you reduce me to the crooked,
passion-driven logic that you yourself know and operate by.
And I stumble through this motherhood thing just hoping that I'm doing
alright by you.

And even as I write this,
you're running, naked and laughing,
through the house after your bath.
Your dad in pursuit with a towel and that grin he only wears for you.

. . . We're doing just fine.


  1. a beautiful portrait of words only a mother can understand

    love and light JJ

  2. There is nothing comparable to the love a mother has for her words really...or all the lessons they teach US...Over and over again I question my parenting skills/choices...and in my little reduced self I look up at the faces of my TEENS and realize that they really are my heart outside my body...learning, living,experimenting, growing, and going in their own direction...directions I may not always agree with but am so gald to be a part of...and we are doing just fine.....heres to "somewhere over the rainbow" girl...... Goosebumps and smiles for this Monkey Crumb

  3. swelling with emotion after reading this- you make me want to get back into writing... you're so talented on many levels and i hope Jeff and i can be great parents just like you and Keith. Hugs and Kisses to all of you :)