Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

We drove to Verona, Virginia today.
We got a new puppy.
He's nameless, as of now.

You want to name him CeCe.
You want to name everything CeCe.
We've already named your fish CeCe.
(The fish, by the way, who is "visiting Nannie"
because I'm not ready to tell you that the cat dispatched of him.)

You weren't too sure of him at first.
He's fond of the crumbs hiding in the folds of your pants.

You two ended up just fine.
And every time he whimpers, you tell me he needs you.
Banjo has taken to him well.
Your dad wants to name him Pickles.
I don't think so.

Happy New Year, boychild.
It's going to be a lovely 2011.


  1. They make an adorable pair. Can't wait to read more Monkey Crumbs.

    Welcome home to the newest member of your lovely brood. What a team you all will make.