Sunday, January 2, 2011


You call him "The Other Dog."
We still have no name.

You alternate between yelling at him to leave you alone,
and yelling "I LOVE YOU!"

You're fiercely jealous.
You've been acting out today.
Amazing how a little mind can still sense what it deems to be competition.
You've been clinging to me like the puppy clings to you.
Holding tight to my knees.
Saying you're cold.
Not listening or doing as I say.
Not wanting to go to bed or be still or calm or quiet.
Not letting me out of your sight.

I find you endearing in new ways,
watching you with another puppy.
Of course you were a bit this way with Banjo when we got him last February,
but even 10 months has made such a difference in who you are
and how you respond to changes in your environment.

This time flying thing . . .

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